About our surveys

We have a range of surveys or market research available, each survey pays about $200 to $350 depending on the kind of survey allocated to you. These surveys are offered to individuals who wish to participate each month, our surveys range from buying of gifts,product testing and may require you visit a few stores.

How do i execute a successful survey?


A good research shopper is always anonymous. A shopper should be able to visit the same location more than once without being detected by the staff. Unless specifically asked to by us, a shopper should never announce him/herself as a research shopper when on a shopping engagement; however, there are other ways a shopper can compromise his/her identity during a shop.

In order to maintain anonymity during a shop assignment:

1. Make an effort to appear like any other shopper in the store.
2. Do not take any of the paperwork associated with the shop onto the premises.
3. Do not take notes while you may be in sight of employees.
If you need to take notes to help you remember details, go to a place where you will be out of sight, such as the restroom or your car.
4. Do not ask employees questions that a typical shopper would not ask.
5. Do not stare at nametags.


As soon as purchase is complete, you are to send them over, wait for a survey form and then fill out. Of course, situations occasionally arise that prevent shoppers from completing engagements on time. Reliable shoppers contact us immediately to inform us of the situation.

A reliable shopper will:

Complete the shops the shopper committed to complete.
Visit the correct location on the scheduled date at the correct time.
Carefully follow the our objectives for the shop.
Submit the deliverable on time.
Submit a complete, accurate and detailed report/client deliverable.
Respond to any follow-up contact within 24 hours during the normal work week.


Each shopping engagement has a specific payment amount. The payment is clearly listed and made available to you via email or text from one of our coodinators.

Your final payment can be a combination of any of the following:

Flat payment: Base payment for completing the survey, most times this payment is added to check sent to you.

Bonus payment: An additional flat payment applied to surveys , if surveys are completed on time, you may likely get a bonus for it.

Guidlines to execute a successful survey

1. You will discover as you start shopping that different stores have varying purchase limits i.e Some allow up to $1000 or $800 per customer while some allow $700 or $600.
2. You are to visit at least 2 stores as stated in the instruction and then proceed to a third store(if necessary) to complete your purchases.
3. It could be necessary for you to visit a fourth store to complete your purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will the product be used for?
Ans-The product will be re-used for other survey purchases on this project and also serves as proof of actual purchases carried out.

2. How will we get value for the product bought?
Ans- Accion research will get the exact value for the product when spent on other survey assignments and also serves as proof of work done.

3. What is the extra $10.30 for?
Ans- It is intentionally included to take care of additional cost like tips,toll fares,parking fees e.t.c that may by incurred in the process of the assignment / survey.

4. What do i do with the physical product after purchase? Ans- You are to keep all product purchased,we will request for them via post after the project.

5.What do i do about taxes?
Ans- You qualify as an Independent contractor so you will be getting a 1099 form from us and because independent contractors are not employees, the organization does not pay a percentage of their taxes or have it withheld from their payments.But If an independent contractors earns over $1,000 for the current tax year, the contractor also needs to submit quarterly tax payments. In that case, the independent contractor needs to estimate their tax liability based on the most recent quarter and use a 1040-ES form to make payments.

6. where can the survey be done?
Ans: The survey can be done anywhere WITHIN the USA.